Zerodust Z-CLOTH is a high technology processed cleaning cloth similar to those used in clean rooms for semiconductor processing. Super refined fibers are woven to a textile so as not to give off dust yet to absorb it, and the textile rim is heat welded to avoid yarn ladders, and washed in pure water to class 100 level.
How to Use :The Z-CLOTH in dry condition easily removes fingerprints or moulds stuck to the radiance side of a CD, LD, or DVD. When the objects stain is old or hard, repeat cleaning over several times. Never give excessive pressure or force when cleaning, but lightly wipe off. This dust-free dry cloth is also best applied to cleaning of the heads of VTR, PCM, DAT and so forth. When the Z-CLOTH is adhered with much dust or stain, it is suggested to wash it in a detergent for prolonged use. For cleaning of an LP record, soak the Z-CLOTH in water and lightly squeeze before cleaning so that it can not to be electrified by static electricity produced when the record is ribbed. The Z-CLOTH is also usable for cleaning of plastic lens of a camera and glasses. If the lens is stained with minute sands or hard metal powders, it is required to remove them with a brush before using Z-CLOTH so that the lens surface can not be scratched.

Size : 228 × 228 mm
Material : polyester
Finish : pure water to Class 100, and seals off in a poly bag